2018 fifa world cup predict and win contest, match predictor

The 2018 Fifa World Cup starts in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium, Russia on Thursday at 6:00 PM (local time, 8:45 Nepal Time) and finishes at the same venue on 15 July.

Football is a wonderfully unpredictable sport. Uncertainty is one of its charms, that also keeps audiences at the edge of their seats for at least 90 minutes. But there are lots perditions on who will get their hands on the famous gold trophy this time?

who will win the golden boot?

who will win the golden ball?

who will win the golden gloves ?

If you think you could make solid predictions and a lot more, then come and join different Predictor . Make a prediction of either whole 64 matches or take just a team who will left the Golden Trophy.

I am going to listing some of the predictor that provide 2018 Fifa World Cup Predict and win Challenge, where you can login and join the individual and league game.

Group Stage Prediction is waiting for you right now! Just One Day Remaining !!!
Then it’s on to the knockouts!

  • FIFA World Cup™ Bracket Challenge

Predict the group stage results and knockout matches for the 2018 FIFA World Cup™. Compete with friends, earn points and win prizes!  [ Click Here to Predict ]

2018 fifa world cup predict and win contest, match predictor
2018 Fifa world cup predict and win contest, match predictor sites
  • FIFA World Cup™ Match Predictor

All 64 matches are on the menu for our Match Predictor! Predict the outcome, match-by-match. Build your points, climb the leaderboard and win prizes! [ Click Here to Predict ]

  • McDonald’s Fifa World Cup Fantasy

select a squad of 15 players consisting of 2 Goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards. [ Click Here for Predict ]

Have Fun 🙂